Cell Intrinsic Tgf-1 Regulation of B Cells

Gros, M.J.; Naquet, P.; Guinamard, R.R.

The Journal of Immunology 180(12): 8153-8158


DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.180.12.8153
Accession: 068490899

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TGF-beta family cytokines play multiple roles in immune responses. TGF-beta1-null mice suffer from multi-organ infiltration that leads to their premature death. T cells play a central role in the TGF-beta1 phenotype, as deficiency of TGF-beta1 only in T cells reproduces the lethal phenotype. Although it is known that TGF-beta1 controls B cells isotype switch and homeostasis, the source responsible for this control has not been characterized. Because of the major role that T cells play in regulating B cell responses, we addressed the T cell dependency of the TGF-beta1 control of B cells. The analysis of T cell-deficient, TGF-beta1 knockout mice and the production of chimeras in which B but not T cells lacked TGF-beta1 allowed us to show that B cells are controlled in part by cell autonomous production of TGF-beta1.