Proper Use of Multidose Vials

Wick, J.Y.; Zanni, G.R.

The Consultant Pharmacist 21(12): 1005-1008


DOI: 10.4140/tcp.n.2006.1005
Accession: 068492604

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Every month when we inspect our facilities we find multidose vials (MDVs) used or stored inappropriately. It's frustrating to toss costly drugs and biologics into the trash. What can we do to heighten awareness of proper MDV handling? Staff probably know the proper procedures for safe use of MDVs, but job stress, time constraints, and poor staffing levels can underlie a medication giver's decision to skip or omit steps in the process. Hurried or careless staff may have inadequate handwashing hygiene, reuse a single-use needle or syringe, or fail to decontaminate the vial's stopper. Potential contamination is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem. To ensure better policy adherence, it helps to reinforce staff's understanding of the repercussion of increased infections when shortcuts are taken.