Common Geriatric Syndromes and Special Problems

Sleeper, R.B.

The Consultant Pharmacist 24(6): 447-462


DOI: 10.4140/tcp.n.2009.051
Accession: 068492718

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Geriatric syndromes are common problems that affect older adults. They are often thought of as causes of morbidity in one or more functional domains, but they can simultaneously be a consequence of morbidity as well. This primer will cover 12 problems commonly considered to be geriatric syndromes and highlight the potential for outcomes in one area to affect those in another. The syndromes included are: losses in activities of daily living, cognitive dysfunction, delirium versus dementia, depression, dizziness, osteoporosis, falls, sensory loss, nutrition and weight loss, pain, substance abuse, urinary incontinence, and constipation. Each syndrome is briefly discussed, followed by strategies for assessment and intervention by the pharmacist in a community setting.