Employee Wellness Programs: Tips for Achieving Success

Zanni, G.R.; Wick, J.Y.

The Consultant Pharmacist 24(7): 544-550


DOI: 10.4140/tcp.n.2009.544
Accession: 068492744

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We're so busy taking care of others that we rarely have time to focus on our own health needs. I've read that many companies have employee wellness programs (EWPs). Do they really work? Is this something we should consider? Getting chubby? Smoking too much? Stressed? Health in decline? Dragging yourself to work even if you're too sick to be productive, EWPs can help. Today, up to 90% of employers have at least one activity promoting wellness, ranging from printed material to in-house fitness centers and one-on-one counseling. Implementing a successful wellness program, however, can be challenging, especially in health care, where almost any employee activity competes with direct patient care.