Comparative cell Wall Constituent Levels of Tannin-Free and Tannin-Containing Cultivars of Fababeans (Vicia Faba L.)

Marquardt, R.R.; McKIRDY, J.A.; Ward, A.T.

Canadian Journal of Animal Science 58(4): 775-781


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-3984
DOI: 10.4141/cjas78-096
Accession: 068493096

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A series of experiments has been carried out with tannin-free and tannin-containing cultivars of fababeans. The in vitro dry matter digestibility of the cotyledon portion of the two groups of fababeans was the same (88.2%) whereas the in vitro digestibility of the testa portion of the tannin-free cultivars was much higher (27.6%) than that of the tannin-containing cultivars (9.2%). The concentrations of certain cell wall constituents in the testae of tannin-free and tannin-containing cultivars were also different (P < 0.01); the respective average values for the two groups were: condensed tannins, 0.2 and 4.9%; lignin, 4.2 and 6.2%; acid detergent fiber, 72 and 66%; and cellulose, 67 and 60%. There was a negative correlation between the in vitro dry matter digestibility and the amount per unit weight of whole beans of either condensed tannin (r = −0.86, P < 0.01) or lignin (r = −0.89, P < 0.01). When expressed on a similar basis there was no correlation between levels of cellulose or acid detergent fiber and in vitro dry matter digestibility.