Interrelationships among Agronomic and Quality Traits in a Spring Wheat Cross

Kaufmann, M.L.; Bendelow, V.M.; Baker, R.J.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 49(5): 581-586


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
DOI: 10.4141/cjps69-100
Accession: 068493798

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Phenotypic correlations among five quality traits and five agronomic traits were calculated for three groups of 110 lines of a spring wheat cross (Triticum aestivum L.) grown in a total of four years in central Alberta. All correlations among pairs of traits were homogeneous from year to year with the exception of four involving maturity, yield, height and grain nitrogen content. The large negative correlation between nitrogen content and yield was judged detrimental to the prospects of simultaneous improvement of both traits. Maturity, height, kernel weight and yield were all positively interrelated. Large negative correlations were observed between sedimentation, value and tolerance index and between nitrogen content and starch damage. Sedimentation value and dough development time exhibited a strong positive relationship. The mean value for lines fell within the range of the parents in all cases except for sedimentation value and height.