Influence de la Nature des Gazons et de la Fumure sur la Productivite des Paturages Pour Bouvillons

Dionne, J.L.; Lalande, G.; Lachance, L.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 52(3): 333-342


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
DOI: 10.4141/cjps72-053
Accession: 068493837

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A comparison of herbage dry matter (DM) yields and steer body weight gains from ladino clover, timothy, or grass pastures was carried out. Heavy and moderate fertilizer application rates were used. Stocking rates of 1.85 and 3.70 yearling beef steers per hectare were used on the moderately and heavily fertilized plots, respectively. There was less seasonal variation in Dm yield on the heavily fertilized than on the moderately fertilized pastures. However, rate of fertilizer application had little effect on total Dm production. Steer body weight gains/ha were substantially greater for the heavily fertilized than for the moderately fertilized pastures. These differences were relatively small if allowance is made for the surplus silage and hay produced. Herbage Dm yields and steer gains/ha were greater for nitrogen-fertilized grass pastures than were those for ladino-timothy pastures. The nitrate nitrogen content of herbage did not reach a toxic level despite heavy nitrogen application rates.