Some Cluster Thinning and Gibberellic Acid effects on Fruit Set, Berry Size, Vine Growth and Yield of de Chaunac Grapes

Looney, N.E.; Wood, D.F.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 57(3): 653-659


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
DOI: 10.4141/cjps77-096
Accession: 068493936

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De Chaunac grapes were thinned to one- and two-flower clusters per fruitful shoot, cluster-pruned by removing part of the flower cluster of two clusters per shoot and/or sprayed with 50 ppm gibberellic acid (GA3) 10 days after bloom. A low to moderate vigor vineyard was treated in 1974 and a high vigor vineyard treated in 1975. GA3 enhanced berry weight in both trials, the greatest effect being on berries in more distal clusters. GA3 did not affect berry set. Thinning to one cluster reduced yield in both tests. Thinning to two clusters coupled with cluster pruning reduced yield in the high vigor block. Berry set was enhanced by thinning to one cluster in the vigorous block and by cluster pruning in both trials. Individual berry weight was increased by thinning in 1974 and by thinning plus GA3 in 1975. Thinning to one cluster coupled with GA3 treatment increased vine growth in both experiments.