Wheat Cultivar Identification by Gliadin Electrophoregrams. III. Catalogue of Electrophoregram Formulas of Canadian Wheat Cultivars

Zillman, R.R.; Bushuk, W.

Canadian Journal of Plant Science 59(2): 287-298


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4220
DOI: 10.4141/cjps79-048
Accession: 068494008

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Gliadin electrophoregram formulas of 88 common and durum wheat cultivars which had been licenced far production in Canada were determined and catalogued. The relative band mobilities, used to derive the formula, were calculated from actual band mobilities obtained from a photographic negative of a stained gel with a microcomparator. It was shown that band mobility was essentially constant across any one gel (i. e. gel polymerization was uniform) and reproducible to within ± 0.5 relative mobility unit from one gel to another (i. e. gel polymerization and electrophoresis were highly reproducible). A subjective quantification of band intensities is described. For the 88 cultivars examined. 85 distinct electrophoregram formulas were obtained. Three pairs of formulas were essentially identical. Each pair represented cultivars that were very closely related genetically. The use of the electrophoretic test and the catalogue of cultivar formulas for identifying unknown grain samples is discussed.