Proprietes Chimiques et Physiques des Concretions dans Certains Sols du Quebec

Gaudette, A.; Millette, G.J.F.

Canadian Journal of Soil Science 55(3): 269-278


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4271
DOI: 10.4141/cjss75-035
Accession: 068494838

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Concretions, which had been observed as occurring at a short distance from ditch levees in 10 imperfectly drained soils of Quebec, were analyzed and their properties compared among themselves and with those of the interstitial material. The effects of horizonation and texture on the contents of organic matter, Fe, Al, Mn, Si, and texture of the concretions were assessed. Significant correlation and regression equations, though not tabulated in this article, were worked out for the components of the concretions. The concretions had a relatively uniform texture and chemical composition irrespective of the variations encountered in the interstitial material (sandy loam to clay). The organic matter contents varied directly with contents of iron and aluminium in the concretions, making it possible to infer that organometallic complexes could have been formed, precipitated and then consolidated in the concretions. A definition of a concretion, based on results obtained in this research, is given in the conclusion.