Preparation for colonoscopy: types of scales and cleaning products

Lorenzo-Zúñiga, V.; Moreno-de-Vega, V.; Boix, J.

Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas 104(8): 426-431


DOI: 10.4321/s1130-01082012000800006
Accession: 068501490

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Adequate bowel preparation is essential before a colonoscopy, allowing us to make a proper examination of the entire mucosa. The ideal method of colon cleansing should be fast, safe, and get a proper cleaning with minimal discomfort for the patient. Today we have a wide variety of colon cleansing products, information sometimes becomes confused. A good colon preparation depends partly on correct choice of the same, but also upon dietary restriction. Knowledge of all these products, with their advantages and limitations, we can make a better selection for each patient, and although the efficacy is comparable, is the experience of the browser, patient preferences, and the degree of compliance with the instructions preparation, which greatly influence the results.