Combined precut in difficult biliary cannulation

Espinel-Díez, J.; Pinedo-Ramos, E.; Vaquero-Ayala, L.; Álvarez-Cuenllas, B.; Ojeda-Marrero, V.

Revista Española de Enfermedades Digestivas 105(6): 334-337


DOI: 10.4321/s1130-01082013000600004
Accession: 068501539

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precut sphincterotomy refers to a variety of endoscopic techniques that are used in order to access the bile duct when conventional methods of cannulation have failed. There are not significant data (such as efficacy, safety) about the use of different techniques of precutting at the same session. We have described our experience with combined precut sphincterotomy (CPS) and we have compared our results to the use of an isolated precut. we have performed 247 precuts of a total of 2.390 ERCPs. Patients were distributed according to the type of precut practiced: Needle-knife, transpancreatic and combined precut sphincterotomies. "Combined precut" consisted in performing first a transpancreatic sphincterotomy and, if the access was not achieved, then performing a needle-knife sphincterotomy in the same session. The data about safety and efficacy were prospectively collected. The complications were defined according to the consensus criteria. we performed precutting techniques in 247 patients. Needle-knife, transpancreatic, and combined precuts were performed in 125 (6.9%), 74 (4.1%) and 48 (2.6%) patients, respectively. Bile duct cannulation was successful in 48 patients (100%) in the group of combined precut, 121 patients (96.8%) in the transpancreatic group, and 67 patients (90.5%) in the needleknife group (p = 0.03). There were not differences in complications rates between the three groups. There was no pancreatitis in the combined precut group. The complications were successfully managed with conservative treatment. combined precut sphincterotomy seems to be a safe and successful technique in those cases of difficult bile duct cannulation.