Two aspects of masculinity-femininity. Ii

Yamaguchi, M.

The Japanese journal of psychology 59(6): 350-356


DOI: 10.4992/jjpsy.59.350
Accession: 068501677

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This study was designed to explore two aspects (mother-father; woman-man) of Masculinity-Femininity in personality. Sixty-five middle school students, 150 high school students and 219 university students were asked to rate the desirability for them, their fathers and mothers, and society of each of 45 items comprising a questionnaire which described valid characteristics of these two aspects. Analysis of the results revealed that male subjects in all age groups seemed to feel that their fathers desired them to be more masculine (i.e., father and man) than they, themselves, desired. Those of high school and university age also seemed to feel that their mothers and fathers and society desired more motherliness of them than they, themselves, desired. Female high school and university subjects seemed to feel that their fathers and mothers desired much more femininity (mother and woman) and much less masculinity (father and man) than they, themselves, desired.