Reading comprehension and working memory

Kondo, H.; Morishita, M.; Ashida, K.; Otsuka, Y.; Osaka, N.

The Japanese journal of psychology 73(6): 480-487


DOI: 10.4992/jjpsy.73.480
Accession: 068501755

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We examined the relationship among intelligence, working memory, and reading comprehension using structural equation modeling (SEM). Ninety-six participants were instructed to perform two reading comprehension tests and six cognitive tasks: two verbal intelligence subtests, two spatial intelligence subtests, and two reading span tasks. Three latent variables that were called verbal ability, spatial ability, and working memory were derived from the six cognitive tasks. SEM demonstrated that the latent variables of working memory and verbal ability contribute to reading comprehension, suggesting that central executive functioning related to attention control was mediated among these cognitive abilities.