Examining the causal model of depression: The relation between depressogenic schemata and depression

Ietsugu, T.; Kodama, M.; Tagami, F.

The Japanese journal of psychology 75(4): 353-358


DOI: 10.4992/jjpsy.75.353
Accession: 068501777

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This study examines the causal relation between depressogenic schemata and depression. Three structural equation models were tested two times among 149 students during five months: (1) one-way causal relation from depressogenic schemata to depression, (2) one-way causal relation from depression to depressogenic schemata, (3) reciprocal relation between depressogenic schemata and depression. Results showed the third model is the most adequate among three models. It is possible that depressogenic schemata influences depression and depression also has some effects on depressogenic schemata. As a result of reviewing previous studies, it is thought that there is a continuity is between clinical and non-clinical groups. Therefore, the findings of this study is useful in understanding the clinical image of depression.