The role of the hospital liaison nurse in effective discharge planning for older people: perspectives of discharge planners

Hofmeyer, A.; Clare, J.

Contemporary Nurse 8(3): 99-106


ISSN/ISBN: 1037-6178
DOI: 10.5172/conu.1999.8.3.99
Accession: 068502664

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The study identified effective discharge planning for older people from the perspectives of older people, their carers and nursing and social work discharge planners at a city hospital. This article discusses findings from the discharge planners who argued discharge planning was dependent upon effective communication between hospital and community staff, older people and their carers. They felt frustrated in their attempts to facilitate continuity of care within a casemix environment, and identified the pivotal role of the hospital liaison nurse in effective discharge planning. In addition, they called for ongoing reviews of hospital and community discharge planning practice, secondment of nurses between sectors to increase knowledge of other health services, and collaborative research.