The intrapreneurial zone of an organization A methodology for measuring its size and impact

Khoury, S.J.; Feghali, T.

The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 8(3): 219-229


DOI: 10.5367/000000007781698536
Accession: 068505798

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This paper develops a rigorous model yielding a closed form solution for measuring the degree of intrapreneurship within a firm (the size of the intrapreneurial zone of an organization [IZO]) and its impact on the firm's value. The paper represents a major departure from established literature that relies on statistical analysis to relate independent variables on intrapreneurship to firm growth and/or profitability, but does not directly tie the size of the Izo to the value of the firm. This model incorporates multiple factors and the metrics necessary for measuring their level of intensity within the firm and their contribution to the IZO.