Carbon credits for cookstoves: Trade-offs in climate and health benefits

Freeman, O.E.; Zerriffi, H.

The Forestry Chronicle 88(5): 600-608


DOI: 10.5558/tfc2012-112
Accession: 068507519

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Cookstove projects have long been considered "win–win" development projects based on the multitude of benefits they can create. Carbon credits provide a new financing mechanism to fund such cookstove projects, but have been criticized as not always successfully meeting sustainable development goals. By drawing on previous literature this article critically looks at trade-offs between the maximization of climate and health benefits of cookstove projects in the context of carbon credits. It finds that carbon credits inherently account for climate benefits, but not for health. Therefore, clear objectives of cookstove interventions need to be defined prior to project implementation to insure the maximization of benefits in projects' priority areas.