Management requiring conditions when manually falling trees

Lyons, C.K.; DeMille, G.

The Forestry Chronicle 91(3): 299-305


DOI: 10.5558/tfc2015-051
Accession: 068507653

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Manual tree fallers have to recognize potential hazards in complicated natural environments in order to develop falling plans that mitigate risk. This study developed a list of conditions that a manual tree faller could see before cutting into a tree and that had to be managed in order to fall the tree safely; these conditions were termed management requiring conditions (MRC). Fallers reported the MRCs and covariates while working and Glmm models were used to analyse the resulting count data. Intra faller correlation was found to be significant, and tree diameter and the ratio of dead trees to live trees were significant in explaining Mrc frequency. Only 1.8% of the MRCs reported in this study had higher severity levels of two or three; however, this resulted in a faller potentially experiencing a higher severity Mrc on average once every two days. The lack of correlation between slope and Mrc frequency indicates that faller certification systems could be simplified; however, further study is required.