Southern Rockies Watershed Project

Silins, U.; Anderson, A.; Bladon, K.D.; Emelko, M.B.; Stone, M.; Spencer, S.A.; Williams, C.H.S.; Wagner, M.J.; Martens, A.M.; Hawthorn, K.

The Forestry Chronicle 92(1): 39-42


DOI: 10.5558/tfc2016-012
Accession: 068507671

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The Southern Rockies Watershed Project was initiated in 2003 to describe the impacts of severe natural disturbance by wildfire on a broad range of headwaters, larger river basin scale, and downstream water resources (Phase I). This watershed research is unique in that trans-disciplinary linkages between hydrology, biogeochemistry, aquatic ecology, downstream river basin processes, implications for human water use, and economic implications are providing broad insights into wildfire effects on water. A second phase of the research (Phase II) focuses on evaluating the effects of several alternative forest harvesting practices on these same water resource "values". Collectively, this research is providing comprehensive information on watershed function after forest disturbance in Rocky Mountain watersheds.