A Case of G-Csf Producing Sarcomatoid Carcionoma of Ureter

Shimizu, Y.; Mutaguchi, K.; Kitano, H.; Goriki, A.

The Japanese Journal of Urology 106(2): 109-113


DOI: 10.5980/jpnjurol.106.109
Accession: 068514120

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We report a case of sarcomatoid carcinoma of the ureter in a 82-year-old woman. She was admitted to our hospital with right hydronephrosis. A computed tomography (CT) and retrograde pyelography (RP) showed a solid tumor at right ureter with right hydronephrosis and 3 cm solid tumor on the right abdominal wall. She underwent laparoscopic nephroureterectomy and excision of abdominal subcutaneous tumor. Pathological diagnosis was urothelial carcinoma with sarcomatoid variant, pT3, grade 3 and abdominal wall metastasis. Other metastasis occured in left kidney and ileum about 1 month after the operation, and then she underwent laparoscopic partial nephrectomy and ileocecal resection. The histopathological diagnosis was sarcomatoid carcinoma with positive staining for granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). The paient died of multiple metastases 5 months after first operation. As far as we know, this is the first report of G-CSF producing infiltrating sarcomatoid carcinoma of the ureter in Japanese paper.