Renal Metastasis from Osteogenic Sarcoma

Kajikawa, T.; Ishikura, K.; Banya, Y.; Fujioka, T.; Kubo, T.

The Japanese Journal of Urology 84(9): 1694-1697


DOI: 10.5980/jpnjurol1989.84.1694
Accession: 068514261

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Renal metastases of osteogenic sarcoma are unusual clinical occurrence and cases of osteogenic sarcoma treated by nephrectomy for renal metastases have been rarely reported. We report a 19-year-old male who was successfully treated by left nephrectomy for a metastatic tumor of osteogenic sarcoma from the right femur. In 1989 above-knee amputation was performed and the initial relapse with right pulmonary metastasis was treated by right upper lobectomy in 1991. In February 1992 he developed left renal and left pulmonary metastasis, hence left nephrectomy and left upper lobectomy were performed. Metastases of osteogenic sarcoma to the organs other than the lung and bone will increase because of the improvement of diagnostic modalities. Our study suggests that a bone scan is useful for routine follow-up of patients with osteogenic sarcoma and that resection of the metastatic lesion can improve these patients' quality of life.