Efficacy and Problems of Bladder Volume Measurement using Portable three Dimensional Ultrasound Scanning Device

Oh, H.; Nose, R.

The Japanese Journal of Urology 96(6): 601-609


DOI: 10.5980/jpnjurol1989.96.601
Accession: 068514354

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Using a portable three dimensional ultrasound scanning device (The Bladder Scan BVI6100, Diagnostic Ultrasound Corporation), we examined measured values of bladder volume, especially focusing on volume lower than 100 ml. A total of 100 patients (male: 66, female: 34) were enrolled in the study. We made a comparison study between the measured value (the average of three measurements of bladder urine volume after a trial in male and female modes) using BVI6100, and the actual measured value of the sample obtained by urethral catheterization in each patient. We examined the factors which could increase the error rate. We also introduced the effective techniques to reduce measurement errors. The actual measured values in all patients correlated well with the average value of three measurements after a trial in a male mode of the BVI6100. The correlation coefficient was 0.887, the error rate was--4.6 +/- 24.5%, and the average coefficient of variation was 15.2. It was observed that the measurement result using the BVI6100 is influenced by patient side factors (extracted edges between bladder wall and urine, thickened bladder wall, irregular bladder wall, flattened rate of bladder, mistaking prostate for bladder in male, mistaking bladder for uterus in a female mode, etc.) or examiner side factors (angle between BVI and abdominal wall, compatibility between abdominal wall and ultrasound probe, controlling deflection while using probe, etc). When appropriate patients are chosen and proper measurement is performed, BVI6100 provides significantly higher accuracy in determining bladder volume, compared with existing abdominal ultrasound methods. BVI6100 is a convenient and extremely effective device also for the measurement of bladder urine over 100 ml.