Kijanimicin (Sch 25663) , a novel antibiotic produced by Actionmadura kijaniata Scc 1256. Fermentation, isolation, characterization and biological properties

Waitz, J.A.; Horan, A.C.; Kalyanpur, M.; Lee, B.K.; Loebenberg, D.; Marquez, J.A.; Miller, G.; Patel, M.G.

The Journal of Antibiotics 34(9): 1101-1106


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.34.1101
Accession: 068515898

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A novel antibiotic complex has been isolated form the fermentation broth of a new species of Actinomadura, A. kijaniata SCC 1256. The complex was separated form the broth by a solvent extraction procedure and consists of 1 major component, designated kijanimicin, and 3 minor components. Kijanimicin was isolated form the complex by column chromatography and/or preparative high pressure liquid chromatography. Structurally the compound is a unique, large acid enol antibiotic and possesses an unusual in vitro spectrum of activity against some Gram-positive and anaerobic microorganisms. In vivo it has also shown interesting activity against malaria.