Studies on Wb-3559 A,B,C and D, new potent fibrinolytic agents. I. Discovery, identification, isolation and characterization

Yoshida, K.; Iwami, M.; Umehara, Y.; Nishikawa, M.; Uchida, I.; Kohsaka, M.; Aoki, H.; Imanaka, H.

The Journal of Antibiotics 38(11): 1469-1475


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.38.1469
Accession: 068516173

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WB-3559 A, B, C and D were produced by a bacterium which was classified as a member of the genus Flavobacterium. These compounds were purified by solvent extraction followed by chromatography on silica gel and then isolated by HPLC. The chemical structures were determined on the basis of chemical and spectroscopic evidence as in the succeeding papers. WB-3559 A, B, C and D stimulated rabbit plasma euglobulin clot lysis time. A chemically synthesized compound (WB-3559 D-syn) stimulated mouse plasma euglobulin clot lysis time when injected intravenously.