Cp-54,883 a novel chlorine-containing polyether antibiotic produced by a new species of Actinomadura: Taxonomy of the producing culture, fermentation, physico-chemical and biological properties of the antibiotic

Cullen, W.P.; Celmer, W.D.; Chappel, L.R.; Huang, L.H.; Maeda, H.; Nishiyama, S.; Shibakawa, R.; Tone, J.; Watts, P.C.

The Journal of Antibiotics 40(11): 1490-1495


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.40.1490
Accession: 068516243

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The novel chlorine-containing acidic polycyclic ether antibiotic CP-54,883 (C41H62O12Cl2) is produced by the fermentation of Actinomadura routienii Huang sp. nov. This report presents the taxonomy and the fermentation conditions for the antibiotic-producing culture. The antibiotic is mainly active against Gram-positive bacteria. It protects chickens against Eimeria challenge in vivo and enhances rumen propionic acid in vitro. The physico-chemical properties are also characterized.