Cilofungin inhibition of (1-3) -.Beta.-glucan synthase: The lipophilic side chain is essential for inhibition of enzyme activity

Taft, C.S.; Selitrennikoff, C.P.

The Journal of Antibiotics 43(4): 433-437


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.43.433
Accession: 068516361

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The nucleus and fatty acid components of cilofungin were examined in in vitro susceptibility tests and in vitro inhibition of (1-3)- beta -glucan synthase activity in Neurospora crassa and Candida albicans. It was found that the components of cilofungin alone do not exert antifungal or anti-glucan synthase activity. For such activities, the echinocandin B nucleus must be covalently bonded to a fatty acid side chain. It was also shown that echinocandin B, aculeacin A and cilofungin differ in their abilities to inhibit glucan synthase in vitro.