New Metabolites with Nematicidal and Antimicrobial Activities from the Ascomycete Lachnum papyraceum (Karst.) Karst. Vii. Structure Determination of Brominated Lachnumon and Mycorrhizin A Derivatives

Stabler, M.; Anke, H.; Sterner, O.

The Journal of Antibiotics 48(2): 158-161


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.48.158
Accession: 068516585

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The structure determination of lachnumon B1 (16) and lachnumon B2 (17), brominated derivatives of lachnumon (1), as well as mycorrhizin B1 (18) and mycorrhizin B2 (19), brominated derivatives of mycorrhizin A (3), is described. The compounds, which exhibit similar antimicrobial and nematicidal activity as their chlorinated analogues, were isolated from extracts of cultures of the ascomycete Lachnum papyraceum to which CaBr2 had been added. The structures were elucidated by spectroscopic methods.