Oximidine Iii, a New Antitumor Antibiotic against Transformed Cells from Pseudomonas sp. I. Taxonomy, Fermentation, Isolation, Physico-chemical Properties and Biological Activity

Hayakawa, Y.; Tomikawa, T.; Shin-Ya, K.; Arao, N.; Nagai, K.; Suzuki, K.-I.

The Journal of Antibiotics 56(11): 899-904


DOI: 10.7164/antibiotics.56.899
Accession: 068517059

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Our screening for antitumor antibiotics against transformed cells resulted in the isolation of a new active metabolite, oximidine III, from Pseudomonas sp. QN05727. This substance selectively inhibited the growth of rat 3Y1 fibroblasts transformed with various oncogenes. In ras- or src-transformed cells, oximidine III arrested the cell cycle at G1 phase and increased the expression of p21WAF1.