Studied on cyclic nucleotides in the adrenal gland: Vi adenyl and guanyl cyclase in the adrenal medulla

Shima, S.; Kawashima, Y.; Hirai, M.; Iahara, S.; Kouyama, H.

Pharmacological Research Communications 8(6): 557-563


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-6989
PMID: 17124
DOI: 10.1016/0031-6989(76)90047-3
Accession: 068518040

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Involvement of the adenylate and guanylatecylase in the process of catecholamine-release evoked by acetylcholine was studied in bovine adrenal medulla slices. Stimulation of catecholamine-release by acetylcholine was followed by a late increase in cyclicAMP levels at the time when the secretory stimulation was no longer observed. The delayed activation of the medullary adenylatecyclase is probably not involved in the secretory process but in the restoration or the synthesis of catecholamine after its release. No changes were demonstrated in cGMP levels during incubation.