Carrier-specific unresponsiveness in reaginic antibody formation. II. Suppression of hapten and carrier responsiveness in presensitized rats

Sanfilippo, F.; Scott, D.W.

Cellular Immunology 28(2): 435-442


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-8749
PMID: 66103
DOI: 10.1016/0008-8749(77)90125-3
Accession: 068519130

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By inducing carrier-specific tolerance to sheep .gamma.-globulin (SGG) in rats challenged with TNP) were treated with a single high dose (10 mg) of soluble SGG resulting in a suppression of IgE anti-TNP and anti-SGG antibody, which was maintained following a normally immunogenic secondary challenge with TNP-SGG in alum. This suppresson was relatively long lasting, with no detectable IgE responsiveness to hapten or carrier observed for up to 8 wk after tolerance induction. Suppressed animals were able to respond to the hapten when challenged with TNP-KLH, indicating that the induced effect did not directly involve the IgE antibody producing cells, but rather the carrier-specific helper cells. These results parallel previous findings for IgM and IgG responses in a similar system.