Influence of the antigenicity of Brucella preparations on modulation of the immune response to sheep erythrocytes

Le Garrec, Y.; Toujas, L.; Martin, A.; Dazord, L.; Pilet, C.

Infection and Immunity 20(1): 6-11


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-9567
PMID: 78896
Accession: 068519746

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The relationship between the expression of surface antigenicity of inactivated Brucella and the immunostimulant properties on the sheep erythrocyte response was studied in mice. The agglutinogenic Brucella abortus B19S preparation was compared to two non-agglutinogenic preparations (B19R and PB), using the plaque-forming and rosette-forming cell tests. When Brucella and antigen were injected together, only non-agglutinogenic preparations, even used at low doses, were able to increase the plaque-forming and rosette-forming cell responses measured 4 days after immunization. When the interval between the previous injection of non-agglutinogenic preparations and that of the antigen increased or when they were injected 24 h after the antigen, the modification of those two responses was no longer observed. After day 4, for the simultaneous injection of Brucella and antigen, B19S and PB preparations induced the best responses; this effect was dose dependent. Thus, in the present experimental situation, the modification of the day 4 response appeared independent of those of the ensuing days.