Pathology of sarcoidosic skin and ganglions in Whipple's disease

Beylot, C.; Doutre, M.S.; Bioulac, P.; Desormeaux, M.P.; Beylot, J.; Quintrec, Y.L.

Annales de Dermatologie et de Venereologie 105(2): 235-238


ISSN/ISBN: 0151-9638
PMID: 79323
Accession: 068519767

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A difficult diagnostic problem is discussed, concerning a man, 67, hospitalized for an erythroderma accompanied by superficial adenopathies and significant weight loss. A lymphatic biopsy suggested sarcoidosis. Despite the subsidence of clinical signs, the patient lost more weight and developed iritis. Though diarrhea was absent, there were functional signs of malabsorption. A jejunal biopsy and other tests indicated Whipple's disease (intestinal lipodystrophy). Additional diagnostic tests, including skin biopsies, led to the conclusion that the patient had a combination of Whipple's disease and sarcoidosis.