Sharing of Ia antigens between species. II. Molecular localization of shared Ia determinants implies the existence of more than one i sublocus of the rat MHC

Shinohara, N.; Lunney, J.K.; Sachs, D.H.

Journal of Immunology 121(2): 637-640


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 79611
Accession: 068519779

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A mouse alloantiserum B10.D2 anti-B10.BR (H-2d anti-H-2k) cross-reacted with rat lymphocyte surface glycoproteins with characteristics of Ia antigens. Sequential precipitation analysis on solubilized radiolabeled LEW rat lymphocyte antigens with this cross-reactive mouse alloantiserum and the rat alloantiserum BN anti-LEW (Ag-B3 anti-Ag-B1) revealed that the Ia-like antigen detected by the mouse alloantiserum also reacted with the rat anti-Ia antibodies. It was further shown that the rat alloantiserum also detected another set of Ia-like antigens that did not cross-react with the mouse alloantibody. Precipitation analysis with congenic rat strains confirmed that all Ia-like antigens precipitated by the rat alloantibody were encoded by Ag-B linked genes. Thus the shared Ia-like antigen must also be the product of Ag-B-linked gene(s) or be physically associated with such products. In addition, molecules bearing shared antigenic determinants were separable from at least some of the Ia-like antigens detected by the rat alloantiserum, possibly suggesting the existence of more than one sublocus coding for Ia antigens within the rat MHC.