Immunogenic properties of a soluble tumor rejection antigen (TSTA) from a Simian virus 40-induced sarcoma

Rogers, M.J.; Law, L.W.

International Journal of Cancer 23(1): 89-96


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-7136
PMID: 83307
DOI: 10.1002/ijc.2910230116
Accession: 068519974

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Tumor rejection antigen (TSTA antigen). This activity was purified in relation to the tumor-rejection activity of the cell-bound TSTA on intact cells or on membranes; a single immunization in the 1-10 .mu.g protein range strikingly inhibited the growth mKSA in tumor-cell challenges of 5 .times. 104 cells. The soluble TSTA was immunologically specific and extremely stable. Inhibition of growth was not achieved against Meth A, another BALB/c syngeneic sarcoma, the preparations frozen for 6 mo. at C maintained their strong specific immunogenicity. The immune deviations of the host reported following inoculations of solubilized (extracted) tumor antigens or crude extracts were not observed in this study. There was no evidence of antigen overloading (i.e., an optimal protective effect in a restricted dose range of antigen or with a particular size of tumor-cell challenge) facilitated tumor growth or inhibition of cell-mediated immune responses under a variety of conditions.