The human secretory immune system shows striking heterogeneity with regard to involvement of J chain-positive IgD immunocytes

Brandtzaeg, P.; Gjeruldsen, S.T.; Korsrud, F.; Baklien, K.; Berdal, P.; Ek, J.

Journal of Immunology 122(2): 503-510


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1767
PMID: 105047
Accession: 068520804

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Although gland-associated immunocyte populations normally contain a preponderance (67-91%) of Ig cells is no requirement for their homing to glandular sites and subsequent local maturation. The results indicate that the usual predominance of IgA-producing immunocytes found in such sites merely reflects normal differentiation pathways taken by fairly immature B cells. The prominent J chain-synthesizing capacity shown by IgD- and even by IgG-producing cells accumulating in glandular sites in IgA deficiency most likely reflects that they belong to B cell clones in an early phase of differentiation, as previously suggested for IgA precursor cells homing to such sites.