Kinetic analysis of plasma TSH dynamics after TRH stimulation

Okuno, A.; Taguchi, T.; Nakayama, K.; Takimoto, M.

Hormone and Metabolic Research 11(4): 293-295


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-5043
PMID: 110660
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1092726
Accession: 068520944

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Kinetic analysis of the time course of plasma TSH after TRH stimulation was performed by means of a single compartment model with first order input. This kinetic model showed satisfactory fit to the data, and was found to be useful enough for the characterization of plasma TSH dynamics. In endocrinologically normal short children, the amount of TSH release per unit volume of distribution space (Q0/V), the rate constant for the TSH release (alpha), and the rate constant for TSH elimination (beta) were averaged 23.4 microU/ml, 6.981 hr-1 and 0.813 hr-1, respectively. Elevated Q0/V values with lowered alpha and beta were obtained in the hypothyroid children. Variable results, with the exception of low alpha values, were obtained in the children with pituitary dwarfism.