A comparative study for component amino acids in soluble and insoluble protein fractions of eye lenses of some mammals

Agarwal, B.V.; Agarwal, S.C.; Ram, N.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 17(9): 882-884


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5189
PMID: 120846
Accession: 068521133

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The eye lenses of 7 spp., i.e., rabbit [Oryctalogas cemulus], rat [Rattus rattus], goat [Capra], buffalo [Bubalus bubalis], dog [Canis familiaris] and monkey [Macaca mulatta], belonging to 5 different orders of the class Mammalia, were analyzed for the water soluble amino acids fraction and insoluble fraction (albuminoid) of different lens proteins. The amino acid analysis of these fractions showed minimum differences in eye lens protein fractions of animals from the same order, but considerable variation between animals of different orders. Aspartic acid, serine, threonine and tryptophan were only detected in traces and cysteine, hydroxy-proline, glycine and methionine were totally absent in the insoluble protein fraction (albuminoid) of various animal lenses. Analysis of the water soluble protein fraction for component amino acids showed traces of tryptophan and absence of cysteine in all the lenses studied. Methionine could be estimated quantitatively only in monkey lenses and glycine only in rabbit lenses. Goat and buffalo showed traces of hydroxyproline and methionine in the soluble protein fraction.