Investigations on sarcolemmal ATPase activities in ventricular tissues of swimming trained and sedentary rats

Murthy, K.R.; Saxena, I.D.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 17(3): 277-280


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5189
PMID: 157327
Accession: 068522732

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Rats were trained to swim for 90 min twice a day for 14 wk. Sarcolemmal fractions from ventricular tissues of trained and sedentary control rats were isolated and (Na+ -K+), Ca2+, and Mg2+-dependent ATPase activities were measured. Specific activities of sarcolemmal Ca2+ and Mg2+ ATPases were significantly increased in trained rats compared to controls. These changes were not associated with cardiac hypertrophy as manifested by heart weight or by ratio of heart weight/body weight in trained rats. Increased sarcolemmal Ca2+ ATPase may facilitate relaxation of cardiac muscle, and increased Mg2+ ATPase, by stimulating (Na2+ -K+) ATPase, may increase contractility of cardiac muscle in trained rats.