Histochemical and biochemical changes in SDH and m-ATPase activities in tenotomized gastrocnemius muscle in different age groups of albino rat Rattus norvegicus

Narang, V.; Talesara, C.L.

Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 17(10): 1080-1086


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5189
PMID: 161908
Accession: 068522950

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A combined histochemical and biochemical study, with reference to the enzymes, SDH -ATPase, was carried out on albino rats of different age groups (young, adult and middle-aged), to investigate into the various changes during post-operative periods of tenotomy in gastrocnemius muscle (medial head). The histochemical observations (14 and 21 days) obtained were correlated with biochemical changes (7, 14, 21 and 28 days) in tenotomized muscles. The degree of atrophy in different muscle fibers (maximum in white fibers) varied in different age groups of rat and gradual decline in the enzyme activity levels of SDH and m-ATPase (Ca2+ and Mg2+.sbd.activated) was observed in tenotomized muscles with respect to their contralateral controls in all 3 age groups of rats studied. Importance of the present combined histochemical and biochemical study was discussed.