Regeneration of [3H]ouabain binding to (Na+ + K+) -ATPase in chemically sympathectomized cat peripheral organs

Sharma, V.K.; Banerjee, S.P.

Molecular Pharmacology 15(1): 35-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-895X
PMID: 218091
Accession: 068524476

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Regeneration of specific binding of [3H]ouabain in particulate fractions and Na+-dependent [3H]norepinephrine uptake in tissue slices from salivary gland, heart, spleen and nictitating membrane were measured in control and chemically sympathectomized cats. Regeneration of ouabain binding was relatively rapid in salivary gland and relatively slow in heart and nictitating membrane particulate fractions. Recovery of norepinephrine uptake was relatively rapid in salivary gland and relatively slow in heart and spleen slices. Rates of reappearance of ouabain binding and norepinephrine uptake appear to be similar in separate organs. Kinetic analyses of ouabain binding show that the return of ouabain binding sites in regenerating sympathetic nerve endings is due to augmentation of density of binding sites. The norepinephrine uptake and ouabain binding in salivary glands degenerated to a similar extent 24 h after 6-hydroxydopamine administration. These results support the idea that a major fraction of ouabain binding sites in several sympathetically innervated organs is localized at the sympathetic nerve terminals.