Effects of epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor and bovine serum albumin on ornithine decarboxylase activity of procine granulosa cells

Osterman, J.; Hammond, J.M.

Hormone and Metabolic Research 11(8): 485-488


ISSN/ISBN: 0018-5043
PMID: 315359
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1092767
Accession: 068526119

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Epidermal growth factor, a potent mitrogen for granulosa cells produced a three-fold stimulation of ornithine decarboxylase activity in porcine granulose cells in vitro. Fibroblast growth factor, another compound with mitogenic activity for granulose cells, did not stimulate ornithine decarboxylase. Maximally effective concentrations of a commercial preparation of bovine serum albumin equalled the maximal effect of epidermal growth factor on this enzyme activity. The dominant stimulator(s) in the albumin preparation eluted after bovine serum albumin in gel filtration. At maximally effective concentrations, luteinizing hormone produced substantially greater stimulation than either epidermal growth factor or the bovine albumin preparation. Combinations of saturating doses of any two of these stimulators produced additive effects on enzyme activity.