Reconstructive surgery for supraaortic occlusions--a report of 356 cases

Schulz, U.; Laubach, K.; Preissler, P.

Thoraxchirurgie Vaskulare Chirurgie 25(4): 294-297


ISSN/ISBN: 0040-6384
PMID: 337568
DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1097047
Accession: 068526560

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Internal carotid endarterectomy is an effective and long-lasting means of preventing cerebrovascular accidents. It was entirely successful in 97% of asymtomatic patients. 85% of patients with transient ischemic attacks experienced no further symptoms. In patients with acute stroke, 52% were improved by the operation, but the mortality in this group was 23,9%. We therefore perform emergency carotid endarterectomy only in a conscious patient and within 8 hours of the stroke. The early and late results after reconstruction of the other supra-aortic vessels were good in 90% of cases.