Amines in foods

Maga, J.A.

Crc Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 10(4): 373-403


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-0248
PMID: 363365
DOI: 10.1080/10408397809527256
Accession: 068527062

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Amines represent a class of compounds which historically have been associated with fishery products and cheese; however, their occurrence in the food supply is widespread. The food-related occurrences of common volatile and nonvolatile amines (excluding nitrosamines) are reviewed. Their formation pathways are discussed. Various isolation and identification techniques are compared. The organoleptic significance of amines in foods is discussed. Amines identified in beer, cocoa and chocolate, teas, coffee, wines, fruits and vegetables, fish and other foods are specified.