Development of the digestive functions and of the appetite-control mechanisms

Schmitz, J.; Triadou, N.; Rey, J.

Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 2(11): 929-940


ISSN/ISBN: 0399-8320
PMID: 748086
Accession: 068534840

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Information on the digestive function in man and especially children is reviewed. Some animal studies (guinea pig, rat, mouse) are considered. Mechanisms of appetite regulation and signals, such as milk quality, affecting these mechanisms in young children are discussed. Intestinal functions, morphogenesis of the intestine, hydrolytic enzymes and transport systems of the ciliated border, cytoplasmic enzymes of enterocytes and intracellular metabolism are also considered. Gastric functions, pancreatic functions, bile salt synthesis and micellar solubilization, development of defense systems in man and immunization are also discussed.