Approaches to teaching animal welfare at 13 veterinary schools worldwide

Hewson, C.J.; Baranyiová, E.; Broom, D.M.; Cockram, M.S.; Galindo, F.; Hanlon, A.J.; Hanninen, L.; Hewson, C.; Lexer, D.; Mellor, D.J.; Molento, C.F.M.; Odberg, F.O.; Serpell, J.A.; Maria Sisto, A.; Stafford, K.J.; Stookey, J.M.; Waldau, P.

Journal of Veterinary Medical Education 32(4): 422-437


ISSN/ISBN: 0748-321X
PMID: 16421823
DOI: 10.3138/jvme.32.4.422
Accession: 068825646

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This paper comprises brief descriptions by faculty at 13 veterinary schools in Europe, North America, South America, and Australasia that summarize undergraduate training in animal welfare at the respective schools and how students are assessed.