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The Jasmonate-Activated Transcription Factor Mdmyc2 Regulates Ethylene Response Factor and Ethylene Biosynthetic Genes to Promote Ethylene Biosynthesis during Apple Fruit Ripening

Li, T.; Xu, Y.; Zhang, L.; Ji, Y.; Tan, D.; Yuan, H.; Wang, A.

Plant Cell 29(6): 1316-1334


ISSN/ISBN: 1532-298X
PMID: 28550149
DOI: 10.1105/tpc.17.00349
Accession: 068957524

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The plant hormone ethylene is critical for ripening in climacteric fruits, including apple (Malus domestica). Jasmonate (JA) promotes ethylene biosynthesis in apple fruit, but the underlying molecular mechanism is unclear. Here, we found that JA-induced ethylene production in apple fruit is dependent on the expression of MdACS1, an ACC synthase gene involved in ethylene biosynthesis. The expression of MdMYC2, encoding a transcription factor involved in the JA signaling pathway, was enhanced by MeJA treatment in apple fruits, and MdMYC2 directly bound to the promoters of both MdACS1 and the ACC oxidase gene MdACO1 and enhanced their transcription. Furthermore, MdMYC2 bound to the promoter of MdERF3, encoding a transcription factor involved in the ethylene-signaling pathway, thereby activating MdACS1 transcription. We also found that MdMYC2 interacted with MdERF2, a suppressor of MdERF3 and MdACS1 This protein interaction prevented MdERF2 from interacting with MdERF3 and from binding to the MdACS1 promoter, leading to increased transcription of MdACS1 Collectively, these results indicate that JA promotes ethylene biosynthesis through the regulation of MdERFs and ethylene biosynthetic genes by MdMYC2.

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