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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 70

Section 70 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zerach, G.; Elklit, A., 2019:
Attachment and social support mediate associations between Polyvictimization and psychological distress in early adolescence

Ishii, M., 2019:
Apolipoprotein B as a New Link Between Cholesterol and Alzheimer Disease

Ma, F.; Li, L.; Wang, Q.; Chen, Z.; You, Y.; Gao, P.; Zhao, X.; Luo, R., 2019:
Qi-dan-di-huang decoction alleviates diabetic nephropathy by inhibiting the NF-kappaB pathway

Tanner, R.Brad.; Hubbell, J.A.E., 2019:
A Retrospective Study of the Incidence and Management of Complications Associated With Regional Nerve Blocks in Equine Dental Patients

Víctor, C.Urda.; Carolina, P.Esteban.; Jorge, T.Ramos.; Joaquín, C-Ruiz.; Manuel, Sánchez.García.; Marta, C.Marcos.; José María, Fández.Villanueva.; Chinh, P.Trung.; Javier, O.Marcos.; Susana, M.Santos.; Sánchez Diego, Jénez.; Carlos, Jénez.Ortiz.; Ignacio, Fández.Lozano., 2018:
Incidence and Predictive Factors of Hidden Atrial Fibrillation Detected by Implantable Loop Recorder After an Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source

Zielonka, B.; Snarr, B.S.; Liu, M.Y.; Zhang, X.; Mascio, C.E.; Fuller, S.; Gaynor, J.William.; Spray, T.L.; Rychik, J., 2019:
Resource Utilization for Prenatally Diagnosed Single-Ventricle Cardiac Defects: A Philadelphia Fetus-to-Fontan Cohort Study

Mustyatsa, V.V.; Kostarev, A.V.; Tvorogova, A.V.; Ataullakhanov, F.I.; Gudimchuk, N.B.; Vorobjev, I.A., 2019:
Fine structure and dynamics of EB3 binding zones on microtubules in fibroblast cells

Bai, J.; Bundorf, K.; Bai, F.; Tang, H.; Xue, D., 2019:
Relationship between physician financial incentives and clinical pathway compliance: a cross-sectional study of 18 public hospitals in China

Newtonraj, A.; Venables, E.; Selvaraj, K.; Kundu, D.; Purty, A.Jacob.; Manikandan, M.; Shewade, H.Deepak., 2019:
Xpert negative means no TB: A mixed-methods study into early implementation of Xpert in Puducherry, India

Jiao, L.; Yan, H.; Xu, W.; Wu, Y.; Gu, W.; Li, H.; Du, D.; Lin, Y.; Zhu, C., 2019:
Self-Assembly of All-Inclusive Allochroic Nanoparticles for the Improved ELISA

Hu, X.; Wang, Y.; Xu, M., 2019:
Study of the cell responses in tantalum carbide nanoparticles-enriched polysaccharide composite hydrogel

Cakir, O.; Bakhshpour, M.; Yilmaz, F.; Baysal, Z., 2019:
Novel QCM and SPR sensors based on molecular imprinting for highly sensitive and selective detection of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in apple samples

Park, T-Ho.; Kim, S-Jin.; Cho, Y-Rak.; Park, K.; Park, J-Sung.; Kim, M-Hyun.; Kim, Y-Dae., 2019:
Asymmetric aortic valve is related to development of eccentric aortic regurgitation in patients with tricuspid aortic valve

Fukuda, K.; Yoshida, T.; Shimazu, K.; Taguchi, D.; Inoue, M.; Nanjyo, H.; Shibata, H., 2017:
Effect of anti-PD-1 antibody, nivolumab on early gastric cancer

Li, J.; Rodriguez, G.; Han, X.; Janečková, E.; Kahng, S.; Song, B.; Chai, Y., 2019:
Regulatory Mechanisms of Soft Palate Development and Malformations

Ndou, A.; Tinyani, P.P.; Slabbert, R.M.; Sultanbawa, Y.; Sivakumar, D., 2019:
An integrated approach for harvesting Natal plum (Carissa macrocarpa) for quality and functional compounds related to maturity stages

Setia, S.A.; Chow, A.K.; Coogan, C.L., 2019 :
Locally Invasive Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Left Ureter in a Patient with a Duplicated Inferior Vena Cava

McDermott, M.M., 2019:
Reducing Disability in Peripheral Artery Disease: The Role of Revascularization and Supervised Exercise Therapy

Sackton, T.B.; Clark, N., 2019:
Convergent evolution in the genomics era: new insights and directions

Dudchenko, A.; Dudchenko, P.; Ganzinger, M.; Kopanitsa, G., 2019:
Extraction from Medical Records

Di, X.; Jin, X.; Ma, H.; Wang, R.; Cong, S.; Tian, C.; Liu, J.; Zhao, M.; Li, R.; Wang, K., 2019:
The Oncogene IARS2 Promotes Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Tumorigenesis by Activating the AKT/MTOR Pathway

Shellman, J.; McDonald, D.Dillon.; Ferraro, J.; Milner, E., 2019:
Reminiscence About Physical Activity: A Pilot Study to Reduce Pain in Older Adults

Carvalho, T.Santos.Gonzaga.de.; Saad, C.Eduardo.do.Prado.; Esposito, M.; Faria, P.Bitencourt.; Alvarenga, R.Ribeiro.; Ferreira, L.Geraldi.; Motta Ferreira, W.; Moraes Gonçalves, T.; Zangeronimo, M.Gilberto., 2019:
Reproductive Characteristics of Cockatiels ( Nymphicus hollandicus ) Maintained in Captivityand Receiving Madagascar Cockroach ( Gromphadorhina portentosa ) Meal

Schroeder, K.; Gurenlian, J.R., 2019:
Recognizing Poor Sleep Quality Factors During Oral Health Evaluations

Hanson, G.C.; Messing, J.Theresa.; Anderson, J.C.; Thaller, J.; Perrin, N.A.; Glass, N.E., 2019:
Patterns and Usefulness of Safety Behaviors Among Community-Based Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Venugopala, K.Narayanaswamy.; Chandrashekharappa, S.; Pillay, M.; Abdallah, H.H.; Mahomoodally, F.M.; Bhandary, S.; Chopra, D.; Attimarad, M.; Aldhubiab, B.E.; Nair, A.B.; Sreeharsha, N.; Morsy, M.A.; Pottathil, S.; Venugopala, R.; Odhav, B.; Mlisana, K., 2019:
Computational, crystallographic studies, cytotoxicity and anti-tubercular activity of substituted 7-methoxy-indolizine analogues

Yang, W-Hsun.; Yang, Y-Hsu.; Chen, P-Chung.; Wang, T-Chung.; Chen, K-Jung.; Cheng, C-Yu.; Lai, C-Hsuan., 2019:
Intracranial aneurysms formation after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: a 10-year nationwide follow-up study

Economou, M.; Souliotis, K.; Malliori, M.; Peppou, L.Evangelia.; Kontoangelos, K.; Lazaratou, H.; Anagnostopoulos, D.; Golna, C.; Dimitriadis, G.; Papadimitriou, G.; Papageorgiou, C., 2019:
Problem Gambling in Greece: Prevalence and Risk Factors During the Financial Crisis

Calixto, Jão.B., 2019:
The role of natural products in modern drug discovery

Deng, Y.; Chen, D.; Wang, L.; Gao, F.; Jin, B.; Lv, H.; Zhang, G.; Sun, X.; Liu, L.; Mo, D.; Ma, N.; Song, L.; Huo, X.; Yan, T.; Miao, Z., 2019:
Silencing of Long Noncoding RNA Nespas Aggravates Microglial Cell Death and Neuroinflammation in Ischemic Stroke

Varghese, T.; Meshram, N.H.; Mitchell, C.C.; Wilbrand, S.M.; Hermann, B.P.; Dempsey, R.J., 2019:
Lagrangian carotid strain imaging indices normalized to blood pressure for vulnerable plaque

Conner, S.C.; Trinquart, L., 2019:
Survivorship Bias in Analyses of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Trials

Barrett, S.; Begg, S.; Sloane, A.; Kingsley, M., 2019:
Surgeons and preventive health: a mixed methods study of current practice, beliefs and attitudes influencing health promotion activities amongst public hospital surgeons

Yang, R.; Pedersen, N.L.; Bao, C.; Xu, W.; Xu, H.; Song, R.; Qi, X.; Xu, W., 2019:
Type 2 diabetes in midlife and risk of cerebrovascular disease in late life: a prospective nested case-control study in a nationwide Swedish twin cohort

Sun, Y-J.; Li, J.; Chen, C-H., 2019:
Effects of miR-221 on the apoptosis of non-small cell lung cancer cells by lncRNA HOTAIR

Romeiras, M.M.; Pena, A.Rita.; Menezes, T.; Vasconcelos, R.; Monteiro, F.; Paulo, Oávio.S.; Moura, Mónica., 2019:
Shortcomings of Phylogenetic Studies on Recent Radiated Insular Groups: A Meta-Analysis Using Cabo Verde Biodiversity

Ali, S.Ahmad.; Ahmed, M.; Bhatti, O.Khalid.; Farooq, W., 2019:
Gratitude and Its Conceptualization: An Islamic Perspective

Nishimura, A.; Yamaguchi, H.; Ito, Y.; Tokumoto, S.; Toyoshima, D.; Kasai, M.; Maruyama, A., 2019:
Empyema necessitatis due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa in a child with cerebral palsy

Tang, M.; Wang, D.; Guerrien, A., 2019:
A systematic review and meta-analysis on basic psychological need satisfaction, motivation, and well-being in later life: Contributions of self-determination theory

Amani-Shalamzari, S.; Farhani, F.; Rajabi, H.; Abbasi, A.; Sarikhani, A.; Paton, C.; Bayati, M.; Berdejo-Del-Fresno, D.; Rosemann, T.; Nikolaidis, P.Theodoros.; Knechtle, B., 2019:
Blood Flow Restriction During Futsal Training Increases Muscle Activation and Strength

Shimizu, T.; Nakagawa, Y.; Asai, Y.; Tsujino, I.; Takahashi, N.; Gon, Y., 2019:
A phase II study of the combination of docetaxel and bevacizumab for previously treated non-small cell lung cancer

Rouse, T.B.; Dejoseph, J.; Ollendorff, A.T., 2019:
Bringing Depth and Meaning to Perinatal Quality Improvement by Partnering With Patients

Greulich, S.; Mayr, A.; Gloekler, S.; Seitz, A.; Birkmeier, S.; Schäufele, T.; Bekeredjian, R.; Zuern, C.S.; Seizer, P.; Geisler, T.; Müller, K.A.L.; Krumm, P.; Nikolaou, K.; Klug, G.; Reinstadler, S.; Pamminger, M.; Reindl, M.; Wahl, A.; Traupe, T.; Seiler, C.; Metzler, B.; Gawaz, M.; Windecker, S.; Mahrholdt, H., 2019 :
Time-Dependent Myocardial Necrosis in Patients With ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Without Angiographic Collateral Flow Visualized by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Results From the Multicenter STEMI-SCAR Project

Simeni Njonnou, S.Raoul.; Couturier, B.; Gombeir, Y.; Verbanck, S.; Devuyst, F.; El Hachem, G.; Theate, I.; Trepant, A-Laure.; De Wilde, V.; Vandergheynst, Fédéric-Alain., 2019:
Pituitary Gland and Neurological Involvement in a Case of Hemophagocytic Syndrome Revealing an Intravascular Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Di Lenarda, A.; Candido, R.; Anichini, R.; Caldarola, P.; Comeglio, M.; Giordano, R.; Laviola, L.; Perseghin, G.; Polizzi, G.Maria.; Provenzano, V.; Ricci, R.; Specchia, G.; Zicari, S., 2019:
Collaborative synergy in the management of diabetic patients with acute coronary syndrome

Pornillos, O.; Ganser-Pornillos, B.K., 2019:
Maturation of retroviruses

Zhang, W.; Xiong, L., 2019:
Effect of lncRNA ZEB1-AS1 on proliferation, invasion and apoptosis of glioma U87 cells

Dhandabani, G.Kumar.; Mutra, M.Reddy.; Wang, J-Jeng., 2019:
FeCl 3 -Promoted ring size-dictating diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) of N-heterocycles using in situ-generated cyclic imines and enamines

D'Alessandro, E.; Giosa, D.; Sapienza, I.; Giuffrè, L.; Cigliano, R.Aiese.; Romeo, O.; Zumbo, A., 2019:
Whole genome SNPs discovery in Nero Siciliano pig

Beales, I.L.P., 2019:
Resolution of Refractory Eosinophilic Esophagitis with the Leukocyte-Trafficking Inhibitor Natalizumab

Al-Zubaidi, A.; Mertins, A.; Heldmann, M.; Jauch-Chara, K.; Münte, T.F., 2019:
Machine Learning Based Classification of Resting-State fMRI Features Exemplified by Metabolic State (Hunger/Satiety)

Michalczuk, B.; Moravský, L.; Papp, P.; Mach, P.; Sabo, M.; Matejčík, Štefan., 2019:
Isomer and conformer selective atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation of dimethyl phthalate

Toor, A.; De Freitas, G.; Torras, J., 2019:
Necrotizing pneumonia in a patient with untreated Mycobacterium kansasii infection

Oschwald, J.; Guye, S.; Liem, F.; Rast, P.; Willis, S.; Röcke, C.; Jäncke, L.; Martin, M.; Mérillat, S., 2019:
Brain structure and cognitive ability in healthy aging: a review on longitudinal correlated change

Pacelli, C.; Rotundo, G.; Lecce, L.; Menga, M.; Bidollari, E.; Scrima, R.; Cela, O.; Piccoli, C.; Cocco, T.; Vescovi, A.Luigi.; Mazzoccoli, G.; Rosati, J.; Capitanio, N., 2019:
Parkin Mutation Affects Clock Gene-Dependent Energy Metabolism

Meissner, V.H.; Schroeter, L.; Köhn, F-Michael.; Kron, M.; Zitzmann, M.; Arsov, C.; Imkamp, F.; Hadaschik, B.; Gschwend, Jürgen.E.; Herkommer, K., 2019:
Factors Associated with Low Sexual Desire in 45-Year-Old Men: Findings from the German Male Sex-Study

Markert, C.; Gomm, C.; Ehlert, U.; Gaab, J.; Nater, U.M., 2019:
Effects of cognitive-behavioral stress management training in individuals with functional somatic symptoms - an exploratory randomized controlled trial

Le Menn, N.; van Leeuwen, C.; Picard, M.; Riquier, L.; de Revel, G.; Marchand, S., 2019:
Effect of Vine Water and Nitrogen Status, as Well as Temperature, on Some Aroma Compounds of Aged Red Bordeaux Wines

Baliousis, M.; Duggan, C.; McCarthy, L.; Huband, N.; Völlm, B., 2019:
Executive function, attention, and memory deficits in antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy

Dalrymple, J.; McAloney-Kocaman, K.; Flowers, P.; McDaid, L.M.; Frankis, J.Scott., 2019:
Age-related factors influence HIV testing within subpopulations: a cross-sectional survey of MSM within the Celtic nations

Gobert, A.; Tourdot-Maréchal, Rëlle.; Sparrow, Céline.; Morge, C.; Alexandre, Hé., 2019:
Influence of nitrogen status in wine alcoholic fermentation

Zhang, P.; Zhao, D.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wei, X.; Xu, B.; Bocharnikova, E.; Matichenkov, V., 2019:
Cadmium phytoextraction from contaminated paddy soil as influenced by EDTA and Si fertilizer

Sputael, V.; Van Schandevyl, G.; Hanssens, L., 2019:
A case report of successful eradication of new isolates of Burkholderia cenocepacia in a child with cystic fibrosis

González-Cordero, A.; Ruiz-Rodríguez, M.; Ramos-Parra, B.; Carrillo-Vanas, J.; Mesa-Pabón, M.; Franqui-Rivera, H., 2019:
Acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction in a young patient with antiphospholipid syndrome

Massey, D.; Ion, R.; Jackson, D., 2019:
Top tips when starting a career in academic nursing

Choi, E-Hye.; Lee, S-Bong.; Lee, D-Yeon.; Kim, G-Tae.; Shim, S-Mi.; Park, T-Sik., 2019:
Increased Intestinal Absorption of Vitamin U in Steamed Graviola Leaf Extract Activates Nicotine Detoxification

Dittmer, P.J.; Dell'Acqua, M.L.; Sather, W.A., 2019:
Synaptic crosstalk conferred by a zone of differentially regulated Ca 2+ signaling in the dendritic shaft adjoining a potentiated spine

Narnoliya, L.Kumar.; Kaushal, G.; Singh, S.P., 2019:
Long noncoding RNAs and miRNAs regulating terpene and tartaric acid biosynthesis in rose-scented geranium

Tang, W.; Liu, J.; Zhong, Z.; Qiu, H.; Kang, M., 2019:
Association of metabolism-related genes polymorphisms with adenocarcinoma of the oesophagogastric junction: Evidence from 2261 subjects

Li, Y.; Qu, C.; Yu, P.; Ou, X.; Pan, Q.; Wang, W., 2019:
The Interplay between Host Innate Immunity and Hepatitis E Virus

Lin, J-Wei.; Yang, L-He.; Ren, Z-Chao.; Mu, D-Guang.; Li, Y-Qing.; Yan, J-Ping.; Wang, L-Xing.; Chen, C., 2019:
Resveratrol downregulates TNF-α-induced monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in primary rat pulmonary artery endothelial cells by P38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling

Shiraki, M.; Kashiwabara, S.; Imai, T.; Tanaka, S.; Saito, M., 2019:
The association of urinary pentosidine levels with the prevalence of osteoporotic fractures in postmenopausal women

Bellare, M.; Kadambar, V.Krishna.; Bollella, P.; Katz, E.; Melman, A., 2019:
Electrochemically stimulated molecule release associated with interfacial pH changes

Kocova, M.; Anastasovska, V.; Bitovska, I., 2019:
The impact of CYP21A2 (P30L/I172N) genotype on female fertility in one family

Alalade, A.F.; Ogando-Rivas, E.; Forbes, J.; Ottenhausen, M.; Uribe-Cardenas, R.; Hussain, I.; Nair, P.; Lehner, K.; Singh, H.; Kacker, A.; Anand, V.K.; Hartl, R.; Baaj, A.; Schwartz, T.H.; Greenfield, J.P., 2019:
A Dual Approach for the Management of Complex Craniovertebral Junction Abnormalities: Endoscopic Endonasal Odontoidectomy and Posterior Decompression with Fusion

McConnochie, K.M., 2019:
Taking Up the Challenge

Wang, C.; Zhu, J.; Ma, J.; Yang, Y.; Cui, X., 2019:
Functionalized Bletilla striata polysaccharide micelles for targeted intracellular delivery of Doxorubicin: In vitro and in vivo evaluation

Eyal, S.; Kult, S.; Rubin, S.; Krief, S.; Felsenthal, N.; Pineault, K.M.; Leshkowitz, D.; Salame, T-Meir.; Addadi, Y.; Wellik, D.M.; Zelzer, E., 2019:
Bone morphology is regulated modularly by global and regional genetic programs

Husain, F.T.; Zimmerman, B.; Tai, Y.; Finnegan, M.K.; Kay, E.; Khan, F.; Menard, C.; Gobin, R.L., 2019:
Assessing mindfulness-based cognitive therapy intervention for tinnitus using behavioural measures and structural MRI: a pilot study

Heinrich, D.A.; Adolf, C.; Holler, F.; Lechner, B.; Schneider, H.; Riester, A.; Nirschl, N.; Sturm, L.; Wang, X.; Ladurner, R.; Seidensticker, M.; Bidlingmaier, M.; Beuschlein, F.; Reincke, M., 2019:
Adrenal Insufficiency After Unilateral Adrenalectomy in Primary Aldosteronism: Long-Term Outcome and Clinical Impact

Thomas, M.G.; Hopkins, C.J.; Luey, C.E., 2019:
Transmission of HIV infection by severe bites

Sandoval, R.M.; Molitoris, B.A.; Palygin, O., 2019:
Fluorescent Imaging and Microscopy for Dynamic Processes in Rats

Verspoor, F.G.M.; Hannink, G., 2019:
Systemic treatment of tenosynovial giant cell tumours in context

Just, J.; Weckbecker, K., 2019:
Insect bites and stings: emergency treatment

Hosseinpour-Niazi, S.; Bakhshi, B.; Betru, E.; Mirmiran, P.; Darand, M.; Azizi, F., 2019:
Prospective study of total and various types of vegetables and the risk of metabolic syndrome among children and adolescents

Aranceta-Bartrina, J., 2019:

Padmanabhan, H.; Siau, K.; Curtis, J.; Ng, A.; Menon, S.; Luckraz, H.; Brookes, M.J., 2019:
Preoperative Anemia and Outcomes in Cardiovascular Surgery: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Bogomolova, A.M.; Shavva, V.S.; Nikitin, A.A.; Nekrasova, E.V.; Dizhe, E.B.; Larionova, E.E.; Kudriavtsev, I.V.; Orlov, S.V., 2019:
Hypoxia as a Factor Involved in the Regulation of the apoA-1, ABCA1, and Complement C3 Gene Expression in Human Macrophages

Moranon, P.; Chaiyasamut, T.; Sakdajeyont, W.; Vorakulpipat, C.; Klongnoi, B.; Kiattavornchareon, S.; Wongsirichat, N., 2019:
Dexamethasone Injection Into Pterygomandibular Space Versus Sublingual Space on Post-Operative Sequalae of Lower Third Molar Intervention

El-Eshmawy, M.M.; Shahin, M., 2019:
Thyroid and eye: Where they meet in clinical practice

Calinescu, A.M.; Wilde, J.C.H.; Korff, S.; McLin, Vérie.A.; Wildhaber, B.E., 2019:
Perioperative Complications after Kasai Hepatoportoenterostomy: Data from the Swiss National Biliary Atresia Registry

Blakey, A.K.; Holt, D.W., 2019:
Improving Decreased Heater-Cooler Efficiency as a Result of Heater-Cooler Infection Control Strategy

Clarkson, G.; Gilmer, M.Jo.; Moore, E.; Dietrich, M.S.; McBride, B.A., 2019:
Cross-sectional survey of factors associated with paternal involvement in the neonatal intensive care unit

Biswas, S.; Lau, N.; Borovik, A.S.; Hendrich, M.P.; Bominaar, E.L., 2019:
Analysis of the Puzzling Exchange-Coupling Constants in a Series of Heterobimetallic Complexes

Morris, J.K.; Wellesley, D.G.; Barisic, I.; Addor, M-Claude.; Bergman, J.E.H.; Braz, P.; Cavero-Carbonell, C.; Draper, E.S.; Gatt, M.; Haeusler, M.; Klungsoyr, K.; Kurinczuk, J.J.; Lelong, N.; Luyt, K.; Lynch, C.; O'Mahony, M.T.; Mokoroa, O.; Nelen, V.; Neville, A.J.; Pierini, A.; Randrianaivo, H.; Rankin, J.; Rissmann, A.; Rouget, F.; Schaub, B.; Tucker, D.F.; Verellen-Dumoulin, C.; Wiesel, A.; Zymak-Zakutnia, N.; Lanzoni, M.; Garne, E., 2019:
Epidemiology of congenital cerebral anomalies in Europe: a multicentre, population-based EUROCAT study

Suh, M-Jeong.; Shen, Y.; Chan, C.K.; Kim, J-Hong., 2019:
Titanium Dioxide-Layered Double Hydroxide Composite Material for Adsorption-Photocatalysis of Water Pollutants

Li, F.; Wang, M.; Wang, J.; Li, R.; Zhang, Y., 2019:
Alterations to the Gut Microbiota and Their Correlation With Inflammatory Factors in Chronic Kidney Disease

Du, X.; Jin, R., 2019:
Atomically Precise Metal Nanoclusters for Catalysis

Zhang, L.; Wang, Z.; Hu, C.; Shi, B., 2019:
Accelerated degradation of pollutants via a close interface connection in heterojunction, and special solid-liquid interactions

Baile, P.; Vidal, L.; Canals, A., 2019:
A modified zeolite/iron oxide composite as a sorbent for magnetic dispersive solid-phase extraction for the preconcentration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in water and urine samples

Acevedo, B.; Millis, D.L.; Levine, D.; Guevara, J.L., 2019:
Effect of Therapeutic Ultrasound on Calcaneal Tendon Heating and Extensibility in Dogs

Inao, T.; Kotani, H.; Iida, Y.; Kartika, I.Diyana.; Okimoto, T.; Tanino, R.; Shiba, E.; Harada, M., 2019:
Different sensitivities of senescent breast cancer cells to immune cell-mediated cytotoxicity

Xiao, Z.; Kang, Y.; Hou, W.; Niu, Y.; Kou, X., 2019:
Microcapsules based on octenyl succinic anhydride (OSA)-modified starch and maltodextrins changing the composition and release property of rose essential oil

Azevedo, E.P.; Guimaraes-Costa, A.B.; Bandeira-Melo, C.; Chimelli, L.; Waddington-Cruz, M.; Saraiva, E.M.; Palhano, F.L.; Foguel, D., 2019:
Inflammatory profiling of patients with familial amyloid polyneuropathy

Vipattanaporn, P.; Mattheos, N.; Pisarnturakit, P.; Pimkhaokham, A.; Subbalekha, K., 2019:
Post-treatment patient-reported outcome measures in a group of Thai dental implant patients

White, J.; Carolan-Rees, G.; Dale, M.; Patrick, H.E.; See, T.Choon.; Bell, J.K.; Manas, D.M.; Crellin, A.; Slevin, N.J.; Sharma, R.A., 2019:
Yttrium-90 Transarterial Radioembolization for Chemotherapy-Refractory Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: A Prospective, Observational Study

Choi, J.; Park, S.I.; Rha, E.Young.; Seo, B.Florence.; Kwon, H.; Jung, S-No., 2019:
Acellular dermal matrix (Insuregraf) in the prevention of Frey's syndrome and surgical site depression after parotidectomy

Kirchner, E.; Bialas, D.; Wehner, M.; Schmidt, D.; Würthner, F., 2019:
Bis(merocyanine) Homo-Folda-Dimers: Evaluation of Electronic and Spectral Changes in Well-Defined Dye Aggregate Geometries

Lu, J.; Liu, L-Jun.; Zhu, J-Liang.; Shen, Y.; Zhuang, Z-Wei.; Zhu, C-Lai., 2019:
Hypothermic properties of dexmedetomidine provide neuroprotection in rats following cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury

Li, M.; Li, G.; Yu, B.; Luo, Y.; Li, Q., 2019:
Activation of hypoxia-inducible factor -1α via succinate dehydrogenase pathway during acute lung injury induced by trauma/hemorrhagic shock

Pyana Kitenge, J.; Kapinga Kayembe, D.; Tshibangu Muamba, M.; Kachil Rubing, H.; De Vos, B.; Van Bouwel, J.; Nemery, B., 2019:
Malignant mesothelioma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A case report from Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Yang, X.; Yin, X.; Ji, L.; Song, G.; Wu, H.; Li, Y.; Wang, G.; Bi, C.; Sun, Y.; Li, M.; Zhang, T.; Kato, H.; Suzuki, A., 2019:
Differences in Cardiorespiratory Fitness between Chinese and Japanese Children and Adolescents

Thomas, D.; Panneerselvam, S.; Kundra, P.; Rudingwa, P.; Sivakumar, R.K.; Dorairajan, G., 2019:
Continuous wound infiltration of bupivacaine at two different anatomical planes for caesarean analgesia - A randomised clinical trial

Green, B.J.; Nguyen, V.; Atenafu, E.; Weeber, P.; Duong, B.T.V.; Thiagalingam, P.; Labib, M.; Mohamadi, R.M.; Hansen, A.R.; Joshua, A.M.; Kelley, S.O., 2019:
Phenotypic Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients Using Nanoparticle-Mediated Ranking

Beuzelin, J.M.; VanWeelden, M.T.; Soto-Adames, F.N.; Sandhu, H.S.; Davidson, R.W.; Baucum, L.; Swanson, S., 2019:
Effect of Sugarcane Cultivar and Foliar Insecticide Treatment on Infestations of the Invasive Sugarcane Thrips, Fulmekiola serrata (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), in Florida

Tzeng, N-Sheng.; Chung, C-Hsiang.; Chang, S-Yueh.; Yeh, C-Bin.; Lu, R-Band.; Chang, H-An.; Kao, Y-Chen.; Chou, Y-Ching.; Yeh, H-Wen.; Chien, W-Chien., 2019:
Risk of psychiatric disorders in pulmonary embolism: a nationwide cohort study

Akhtar, N.; Pradhan, N.; Saha, A.; Kumar, V.; Biswas, O.; Dey, S.; Shah, M.; Kumar, S.; Manna, D., 2019:
Tuning the solubility of ionophores: glutathione-mediated transport of chloride ions across hydrophobic membranes

Memminger, M.; Banci, L.; Meoli, A., 2019:
Bilateral Total Hip Replacement in Dwarfism With a Custom Laser-Printed Trabecular Acetabular Shell

He, G.; Yan, Z.; Sun, L.; Lv, Y.; Guo, W.; Gang, X.; Wang, G., 2019:
Diabetes mellitus coexisted with progeria: a case report of atypical Werner syndrome with novel LMNA mutations and literature review

Jingfan, Z.; Ling, L.; Cong, L.; Ping, L.; Yu, C., 2019:
Efficacy and safety of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes mellitus with inadequate glycemic control on metformin: a meta-analysis

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Treatment rationale and design of the induction chemotherapy and adjuvant thoracic radiation in resectable N2-3A/3B non-small cell lung cancer (ICAT) study

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Throwing the Baby out with the Bath Water: The Need for Reviewing Ethics Requirements

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Two rare cases of paraganglioma in patients with Fontan physiology

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Bowel Preparation for Surveillance Colonoscopy After a Colorectal Resection: A New Perspective

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Screening of donors and recipients for infections prior to solid organ transplantation

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Hydrangea-Shaped 3D Hierarchical Porous Magnesium Hydride-Carbon Framework with High Rate Performance for Lithium Storage

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Comparison of Trap Types, Placement, and Colors for Monitoring Anthonomus musculus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Adults in Highbush Blueberries

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Developing an All-Digital Workflow for Dental Skills Assessment: Part I, Visual Inspection Exhibits Low Precision and Accuracy

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Hepatocellular Carcinoma Xenografts Established From Needle Biopsies Preserve the Characteristics of the Originating Tumors

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Structure Determination of Er Doped Ti-Al-Nb Alloy by Neutron Diffraction Analysis

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Silica particles with a quercetin-R5 peptide conjugate are taken up into HT-29 cells and translocate into the nucleus

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Role of low dose 256-slice CT perfusion imaging in predicting mediastinal lymph node metastasis of lung cancer

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Channel-Rich RuCu Nanosheets for pH-Universal Overall Water Splitting Electrocatalysis

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Development of generalized empirical models for comparing effectiveness of wastewater nutrient removal technologies

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Long non-coding RNA SDPR-AS affects the development of non-small cell lung cancer by regulating SDPR through p38 MAPK/ERK signals

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Gastrodin, a traditional Chinese medicine monomer compound, can be used as adjuvant to enhance the immunogenicity of melanoma vaccines

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Central Venous Catheter Based Closed Thoracic Drainage in the Treatment of Tuberculous Pleuritis

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Human Memory Th17 Cell Populations Change Into Anti-inflammatory Cells With Regulatory Capacity Upon Exposure to Active Vitamin D

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Impact of Carers' Smoking Status on Childhood Obesity in the Growing up in Ireland Cohort Study

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Impact of G6PD status on red cell storage and transfusion outcomes

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A novel technique for harvesting tendon grafts: Cheap, simple, and reliable

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Relationship between the Daily Rhythm of Distal Skin Temperature and Brown Adipose Tissue 18 F-FDG Uptake in Young Sedentary Adults

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Anatomical Limits for Distalization of Lower Posterior Molars with Micro-Implant Anchorage

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Reading Instruction for Students with Emotional Disturbance: A Mixed-Methods Investigation

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Early Identification of Undesirable Outcomes for Transport Accident Injured Patients Using Semi-Supervised Clustering

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How to fix doctors' rotas: vacation policies and mutual respect

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HIV-1 Tat-Induced Astrocytic Extracellular Vesicle miR-7 Impairs Synaptic Architecture

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Transgender Men and Women in 2015: Employed, Unemployed, or Not in the Labor Force

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'Stealth trauma' in the young and the old: the next challenge for major trauma networks?

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Development and Evaluation of a Prototype CDSS for Fall Prevention

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Top Ten

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Sterile Basics: Pharmaceutical Waters Used in Sterile and Nonsterile Compounding

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Individualize Treatment With Aspirin for Primary Prevention

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When the political becomes personal: Reflecting on disability bioethics

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Ehlers-Danlos syndromes

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Modulation of Dopaminergic Neuronal Excitability by Zinc through the Regulation of Calcium-related Channels

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An Epidemiological Study of Foot and Ankle Motocross Motorcycling Injuries in the United Kingdom

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Fatal cervix rupture due to intraplacental choriocarcinoma triggered by sexual intercourse

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In Situ Characterization of Qubit Control Lines: A Qubit as a Vector Network Analyzer

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Influence of Carrier Gases on the Quality of Epitaxial Corundum-Structured α-Ga 2 O 3 Films Grown by Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

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Sleep and motor sequence learning consolidation in former iron deficient anemic adolescents

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CREDENCE: A silver lining in the dark cloud of diabetic nephropathy

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A lump in the groin

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Experimental Approach to Examine Leptin Signaling in the Carotid Bodies and its Effects on Control of Breathing

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Pre-operative Psoas Muscle Size Combined With Radiodensity Predicts Mid-Term Survival and Quality of Life After Fenestrated-Branched Endovascular Aortic Repair

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Label free, quantitative single-cell fate tracking of time-lapse movies

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Disruptive, Soft, Wearable Sensors

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A Self-Learning Immune Co-Evolutionary Network for Multiple Escaping Targets Search With Random Observable Conditions

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Systemic bevacizumab for high-output cardiac failure in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: an international survey of HHT centers

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Selenium Diminishes Docetaxel-Induced Cell Death, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in the Laryngotracheal Epithelium of the Mouse

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An agent-based lattice model for the emergence of anti-microbial resistance

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Pet Food Quality Assurance and Safety and Quality Assurance Survey within the Costa Rican Pet Food Industry

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Judgments of Learning in Context: Backgrounds Can Both Reduce and Produce Metamemory Illusions

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Impact of harbour activities on local air quality: A review

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Leptin and Adiponectin Signaling Pathways Are Involved in the Antiobesity Effects of Peanut Skin Extract

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Identification and characterization of apoptosis-related gene serine/threonine kinase 17A (STK17A) from Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus

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T Cell Metabolism in a State of Flux

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A Descriptive Study of United States-Based Human Trafficking Specialty Clinics

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Cost and cost-effectiveness of childhood cancer treatment in low-income and middle-income countries: a systematic review

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Effects of Aging and Lifelong Aerobic Exercise on Basal and Exercise-Induced Inflammation

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A Novel Adsorbent Albite Modified with Cetylpyridinium Chloride for Efficient Removal of Zearalenone

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Sugammadex-induced bronchospasm during desflurane anaesthesia: an open question

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Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation in Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure Secondary to Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Conformational Investigation of Peptides Using Solid State NMR Spectroscopy - A Study of Polymorphism of β-turn Peptides Containing Diprolines

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Elastin-derived peptide VGVAPG affects the proliferation of mouse cortical astrocytes with the involvement of aryl hydrocarbon receptor (Ahr), peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (Pparγ), and elastin-binding protein (EBP)

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Management of Teeth in the Line of Mandibular Angle Fractures Treated with Open Reduction and Internal Fixation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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PKa (Plasma Kallikrein) Contributes to Coagulation in the Absence of FXI (Factor XI) by Activating FIX (Factor IX)

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Collaborative Mentoring for Retaining Secondary Biology Teachers

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High-density linkage map construction and QTL analyses for fiber quality, yield and morphological traits using CottonSNP63K array in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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Can the use of road safety measures on national roads in Norway be interpreted as an informal application of the ALARP principle?

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Analytical validation of new ELISAs for the quantitation of polyclonal free light chains and comparison to existing assays for healthy and patient samples

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Acorbine, a Corbicula japonica-derived tripeptide containing non-proteinogenic amino acids, suppresses ethanol-induced liver injury

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Characterization of pyranose oxidase variants for bioelectrocatalytic applications

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Transvers testicular ectopia: A case report and literature review

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Effect of Gadoxetic Acid Injection Duration on Tumor Enhancement in Arterial Phase Liver MRI

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Construction of an Array of Photonic Crystal Films for Visual Differentiation of Water/Ethanol Mixtures

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Always a Nurse: The Community Nurse

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User abnormal behavior recommendation via multilayer network

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Analytical and numerical methods for efficient calculation of edge diffraction by an arbitrary incident signal

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What causes dyslexia? Identifying the causes and effective compensatory therapy

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Whole-Scalp Cobblestone Plica Neuropathica with Alopecia

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CNTs Supercapacitor Based on the PVDF/PVA Gel Electrolytes

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Virtual patients versus small-group teaching in the training of oral and maxillofacial surgery: a randomized controlled trial

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A Randomized Trial of Intravenous Thyroxine for Brain-Dead Organ Donors With Impaired Cardiac Function

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Pigs Like It Varied; Feeding Behavior and Pre- and Post-weaning Performance of Piglets Exposed to Dietary Diversity and Feed Hidden in Substrate During Lactation

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Effects of Cognitive Expectation on Sound-Induced Flash Illusion

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Peer Feedback: A Tool for Growth

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Factors influencing claw lesion scoring in sows

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AMP-activated protein kinase activation reduces the transcriptional activity of the murine luteinizing hormone β-subunit gene

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PGK1-mediated cancer progression and drug resistance

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Malaysian propolis and metformin mitigate subfertility in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male rats by targeting steroidogenesis, testicular lactate transport, spermatogenesis and mating behaviour

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Aluminum/Carbon Composites Materials Fabricated by the Powder Metallurgy Process

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Nomograms to predict individual prognosis of patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder

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Reciprocal Role Of DNA Methylation And Sp1 Binding In Ki-67 Gene Transcription

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Design, Synthesis, Molecular modeling and Anti-HIV Assay of novel Quinazolinone Incorporated Coumarin Derivatives

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Hsp90 and Complex Birth Defects: A Plausible Mechanism for the Interaction of Genes and Environment

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Professional Reasoning in Occupational Therapy: A Scoping Review

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The role (meaning) of forensic medical examination in determining violent sexual assaults

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Preparation, characterization and bioactivity of polysaccharide fractions from Sagittaria sagittifolia L

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Intrauterine contraceptive device embedded in bladder wall with calculus formation removed successfully with open surgery

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Multinuclear Solid-State NMR and Crystal structure of an Ionic Solid: Bu-DABCO-Tf 2 N

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Genome analysis of a MDR Streptococcus pneumoniae 23F serotype causing meningoencephalitis in a 10-months refugee infant

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