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An innovative swimming pool water quality index (SPWQI) to monitor and evaluate the pools: design and compilation of computational model

Golbaz, S.; Nabizadeh, R.; Zarinkolah, S.; Mahvi, A.H.; Alimohammadi, M.; Yousefi, M.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 191(7): 448


ISSN/ISBN: 1573-2959
PMID: 31214861
DOI: 10.1007/s10661-019-7577-y
Accession: 069071020

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This research aimed to develop an index known as swimming pool water quality index (SPWQI) for quantifying the water pollution potential. The index is a quantitative tool to show the data on the water quality of swimming pools consistently. It makes summarizing the complex data on water quality possible and paves the way for its communication to the general public and decision makers. In this study, the SPWQI has been formulated according to the literature review and Delphi method. According to literature review and the total judgment of the panelist (23 experts specialized in environmental health engineering), 13 physicochemical and biological parameters along with their weights were selected for inclusion in the SPWQI. The results indicated the possibility of calculating a single numerical value (i.e., SPWQI), which indicates the combined effect of significant selected parameters on water quality. In addition, biological composition (47%) had a strong preference weighting than physical and chemical parameters in evaluating the index. Next, it was attempted to implement a novel and user-friendly mathematical model for evaluating the SPWQI. Then, the model accuracy and performance was confirmed by a case study. Overall, it could be said that the assessment of SPWQI sheds light on the concurrent power of several pollutants and can help the authorities to decide upon water quality management and treatment approaches.

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