Elevation of Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. odoriferum to species level as Pectobacterium odoriferum sp. nov., proposal of Pectobacterium brasiliense sp. nov. and Pectobacterium actinidiae sp. nov., emended description of Pectobacterium carotovorum and description of Pectobacterium versatile sp. nov., isolated from streams and symptoms on diverse plants

Portier, P.; Pédron, J.; Taghouti, G.ér.; Fischer-Le Saux, M.; Caullireau, E.; Bertrand, C.; Laurent, A.él.; Chawki, K.; Oulgazi, S.ïd.; Moumni, M.; Andrivon, D.; Dutrieux, C.éc.; Faure, D.; Hélias, V.ér.; Barny, M.-A.

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 69(10): 3207-3216


ISSN/ISBN: 1466-5034
PMID: 31343401
Accession: 069181643

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The Pectobacteriumcarotovorum species corresponds to a complex, including two subspecies with validly published names, two proposed subspecies and two new species, Pectobacterium polaris and Pectobacterium aquaticum. Recent studies suggested that this complex needed revision. We examined the taxonomic status of 144 Pectobacterium strains isolated from a wide range of plant species, various geographical origins and waterways. Sequences of the leuS, dnaX and recA housekeeping genes clustered 114 of these Pectobacterium strains together within a not yet described clade. We sequenced eight strains of this clade and analysed them together with the 102 Pectobacterium genomes available in the NCBI database. Phylogenetic analysis, average nucleotide identity calculation and in silico DNA-DNA hybridization allowed us to differentiate seven clades. This led us to propose the elevation of Pectobacterium carotovorumsubsp. odoriferum to species level as Pectobacteriumodoriferum sp. nov. (type strain CFBP 1878T=LMG 5863T=NCPPB 3839T=ICMP 11533T), the proposal of Pectobacteriumactinidiae sp. nov. (type strain KKH3=LMG 26003 T=KCTC 23131T) and Pectobacteriumbrasiliense sp. nov. (type strain CFBP 6617T= LMG 21371T=NCPPB 4609T), to emend the description of Pectobacterium carotovorum (type strain CFBP 2046T=LMG 2404T=NCPPB 312T=ICMP 5702T), and to propose a novel species, Pectobacterium versatile sp. nov (type strain CFBP6051T= NCPPB 3387T=ICMP 9168T) which includes the strains previously described as 'Candidatus Pectobacterium maceratum'. Phenotypic analysis performed using Biolog GENIII plates on eight strains of P. versatile sp. nov. and related strains completed our analysis.